Shell Basics Writing a Shell Script Linux Tutorial 5 - YouTube
Shell Basics Writing a Shell Script Linux Tutorial 5 - YouTube
Using Shell Scripting to Automate Linux System Maintenance Tasks - Part 4
Using Shell Scripting to Automate Linux System Maintenance Tasks - Part 4
Should I learn Python or Shell Scripting | Difference Between Two?
Should I learn Python or Shell Scripting Difference Between Two
A Shell Script to Monitor Network, Disk Usage, Uptime, Load Average and RAM Usage in Linux
A Shell Script to Monitor Network Disk Usage Uptime Load Average and RAM Usage in Linux
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shell script to load : - checks to see if the load worked - looks for oracle errors - compares rows input with rows loaded etc etc... You could do it manually...but you'd probably ultimately want to automate that - and a shell script is good for that.Also i have to load them at run time means dont have to use harcode CSV file name in shell script. And after loading have to move CSV files in other directory. So need Shell script to load data from multiple CSV files using sqlldr at run time Plz help. Edited by: vis1985 on Jan 17, 2010 9:51 PM .1. Introduction This post provides you with the method to load the Exchange Management Shell into ISE. The ingredients we're using for this trick are: the ISE console the ISE PowerShell profile the PowerShell script that loads into the Exchange Management Shell default shortcut 2. Prerequisites The prerequisites are that your Exchange Management Tools,...Hi all, Iam looking for a shell script to load .csv file to oralce using sql loader. Once it loads the data in to the oralce table called T1. I have to run 1. A delete statement on the table T1 to delete duplicates( i have the delete statement with me ) 2. Have to trigger a procedure that loads all data from T1 in to some other tables ( i have the procedure with me ) 3.I use a simple PowerShell script to simulate load. Simulate Load. I’ve posted a sample of the meat of the script before. It’s a simple way to test a procedure. However, I’ve modified it to do a little more than just run the procedure forever. Here’s the script: Transact-SQLI am looking for a script which does monitor the cpu usage per day. All the scripts that I have come across does kind of real time monitoring and send an email if it meets certain aspects like the load increasing beyond 80%. Is it possible to monitor and understand the Maximum, minimum and average utilization of a CPU using a shell script?Azure PowerShell script example: Load balance traffic to VMs for high availability. 04/20/2018; 5 minutes to read; Contributors. In this article. This Azure PowerShell script example creates everything needed to run several Windows virtual machines configured in a highly available and load balanced configuration.This small shell script will help you to monitor your most of the Linux server information like Network, Users, Load, Ram, host, Internal IP, External IP, Uptime, etc.
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