Rush of newcomers joins attack of the private equity clones | Financial Times
Rush of newcomers joins attack of the private equity clones Financial Times
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private equity profits shrink as loan sector cools off : Private Equity Profits Shrink as Loan Sector Cools Off ... While private equity funds of his kind raised in 2008 produced annual returns of 14.2%, funds raised in 2010 and 2011 generated lower ...Private equity is just that – equity, or an ownership stake in a private company. Public equity is much more liquid and stock market values are readily available, though they are meant to be a ...As the next chart shows, the number of private equity and real estate funds trying to raise money these days is up 25 percent from 2010. Preqin, Goldman Sachs Research. Put these three things together, and you have the recipe for a shrinking private equity market.Private equity's road map to profits Private equity's road map to profits. New activist funds follow five steps to achieve, and profit from, operational improvements. ... Trade Winds had generated good cash flow, but its profit margins were eroding and its market share was shrinking by the time of the buyout.Total equity as of the valuation date is the most important driver in the valuation of profits interests. The bulk of outstanding profits interests often occurs at the original transaction date when the private equity investment forms the capital interests. That is also the time when the profits interests’ intrinsic value is zero.Bloomberg reports pension plans' private equity cash depleted as profits shrink: U.S. pension funds contributed to the record $1.2 trillion that private-equity firms raised this decade. Three of the biggest investors, state pensions in California, Oregon and Washington, plunked down at least $53.8 billion.Private equity firms typically purchase companies with debt financing and look to sell them at a profit within several years, either to public markets or other private buyers. A paper released last year examining 88 such deals across nearly 1,000 colleges zeroed in on their impact on student outcomes and operations.It's gotten a lot tougher to succeed in private equity in the past 10 years. As a result, firms are becoming more proactive about improving the operating performance of their portfolio companies ...There is lots of private equity talk right now about "super carry," following a Financial Times story about how some big-name firms are asking for a bigger cut of investment profits. The big picture: Carried interest, the percentage of profits taken by fund managers, has historically been 20% for ...While there is a limit to the number of customers who can leave (or enter) a market while firms continue to enhance (or shrink) profits, findings from the research are clear: sometimes competing in a shrinking market can pay off, and growing markets are not always the best indicator of future profits.
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